Competition: East End Women’s Museum

The principal concept for this competition was to introduce a very solid and textured backbone into the space, perhaps constructed from hempcrete blocks. The backbone is textured and tactile, maybe smooth in places and sanded back to show a substrate in others. The purpose of this spine is multifold.  Firstly it is a physical demonstration of women’s stociness in face of adversity.  It is universal. It is sensual. It is strong.  It also has a practical purpose.  It divides the space into ‘public’ and ‘private’, creates an acoustic barrier, and forms spaces for stores and facilities.

Women’s history is difficult and raw, and the proposed materials contrast the rawness of the backbone with a sense of homeliness and comfort.  This entry is definitely not about showing off in the paternal and colonialistic way of established museums, but rather instill a sense of comfort and community. 

Our all-women team included some of our regular collaborators and some new faces:  

Jane Simpson – Jane Simpson Access

Alexandra Haley

Laura Donaldson

Rosalind Wood

Stella Macharia

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