Competition: House 2030

At the heart of our approach to this competition, is the principle that we need more than a well-designed home to improve health, cohesion, wellbeing and inclusion.  

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our basis, our team embraced the latest technology and modern methods of construction to envision a home which is affordable, energy-efficient, adaptable and scalable. In parallel, we’ve developed an innovative ‘whole-system’ approach which places housing delivery at the centre of a wellbeing ecosystem – generating jobs, enabling people to work from home, delivering social impact, supporting people to live healthier and more productive lives, and moving the industry towards a truly sustainable future.  

Our team included our regular collaborators: 

Mandip K Sahota – Strategies & Stories

Jane Simpson – Jane Simpson Access

David Kenney – DK-Consult

Xanthe Quayle – Xanthe Quayle Landscape Architects

Charlotte Edwards & David Warwick – TGA Consulting Engineers

Eleanor Radcliffe – CLES

Rob Holmes – York College

Alice Fenyoe – Curiouser

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